About us

Max and Rosy are on a mission to change the face of dog food, one nutritious meal at a time. We believe our furry friends deserve both tasty and healthy dog food, which is why we use only 100% human-grade ingredients in our delicious dog dishes!

Did you know that almost all commercial dog food brands use processed, low-quality meats that have been discarded as not fit for human consumption? Crazy right!? We can promise that our mouth-watering menu uses only the very best locally sourced human-grade ingredients in our pet food, as we believe our pets deserve the very best dog food in South Africa. We source all our meats and ingredients from local farms and businesses to ensure your pet is getting the highest quality local produce, whilst reducing our own carbon footprint.

Here at Max and Rosy, we’re passionate about the health of our pets and believe they deserve to eat the highest quality and yummiest food just like their pet parents. Our food is (and always will be) free from any nasties. By nasties, we mean fillers, sugars, chemical preservatives, and cheap processed meats. We know that a balanced and nutrient-rich diet is key to keeping our furry family in tip-top condition all throughout their lives. Freshly Made With Love.

In addition to our delicious freshly baked food, we also have frozen dog food, and a scrumptious selection of healthy dog treats bursting full of natural goodness. All our food is homemade and gently cooked at low temperatures, fully preserving all vitamins and minerals for a nourishing and complete meal that your dog will love.

So, whether your dog is a playful puppy full of energy, a fussy eater, or a senior who loves to spend time on the couch, we have something for everyone… From our baked beef to all-natural chicken treats. Make the switch to Max and Rosy today and you will notice a difference, right from their very first meal!